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Joint Core Strategy Adopted by all three Councils

At full council meetings of Gloucester City Council on the 23rd November 2017, Tewkesbury Borough Council on the 5th December 2017 and Cheltenham Borough Council on the 11th December 2017 all three councils voted in favour of adopting the proposed Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

In accordance with Regulations 26 and 35 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 the statutory Adoption Statement and supporting documents have been published on this website and can be accessed by following the links below:

(Electronic version of the JCS policies maps - if you require a printed version please find the icon on the top right)


Full details on the Sustainability Appraisal for the Plan can be viewed by following this link: Sustainability Appraisal.

Evidence base and examination documents

In preparing the JCS the Joint Authorities both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the 'Evidence Base' for the Examination. For information these documents can be accessed through the link below.

Main modifications evidence base and examination documents

In addition to this, there are new evidence base or supporting documents that have been prepared in inform the Proposed Main Modifications.  These are available to download from the link below.